Workorder Efficiency

Needless to say, proper maintenance of the assets you track is critical. A maintenance department we worked with previously had a paper-driven process that was slow and tedious. It’s a reality faced by many maintenance departments today. We wanted to help alleviate that so we set out to build a browser-based asset tracking and workorder system. The system has been in place for about 3-years and is currently used full-time by the department.

Now when work needs to be performed, front-office staff members create a workorder through a web interface. Either they or the maintenance supervisor then assign employees to the workorder and the workorder is automatically routed to the employees via email.

Employees can access the workorder on their phone wherever they are and they can refer to it at the job site. If they need more information, they can log into the system and see previous work history associated with an asset, file attachments like blueprints or repair instructions, etc. Being able to remotely access work orders has been a huge efficiency gain.

We’d love to hear from you if this sounds helpful. Get in touch with us if you’re interested so we can tell you more about what our software has to offer.