Property Leasing

Currently in the final stages of development, our property leasing solution is a cloud-based system that enables you to put your multi-tenant property available for lease online. It’s flexible enough to support just about any property type. Example property types include marinas, storage units, apartment complexes, airport hangars, and more.

Interactive Map We kick things off by creating a beautiful interactive map of your property. The map enables your customers to see at a glance which of your units are available. The map is searchable so your customers can quickly hone in on the unit they want even if you have hundreds of units.

Unit Specific Page Once your customer selects a unit, they are brought to a unit specific page that contains all of the information they need to make an informed lease decision. The page can include images, video, a contact form for further information, etc.

Example Lease Once the customer has decided to lease a unit, she is presented with a web-friendly version of your existing lease form. We create the web-version of your form for you. You have control over what data to collect, which fields are required, and so forth. All of the captured data is searchable so it can be used for reporting and data visualizations later.

When the customer completes the lease application, they are taken to an payment form that we create on your behalf. You can choose to have the customer pay the full lease amount, a reservation fee, whatever works best for your workflow.

Once payment is received, the customer’s information and lease data are available in the system and can optionally be sent directly to you. The data is available in multiple formats suitable for printing and/or import into your preferred financial suite.

Rounding things off is monitoring. Making sure everything runs smoothly is critical so we provide built-in and custom data visualizations along with a robust reporting system. The combination provides you with all the information you need to manage your property efficiently.

  • Supports virtually any property type.
  • Provides a beautiful, searchable, interactive map of your property.
  • Uses a web-friendly version of your lease form.
  • Flexible payments allow you to collect the full lease amount, a reservation fee or something else. It’s up to you.
  • Customer data is accessible in multiple formats allowing easy integration into your existing workflow.
  • Data visualizations and reports quickly give you the information you need to keep things running efficiently.

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