Copy As HTML In iA Writer


command-shift-c or Edit -> Copy HTML will copy markdown in iA Writer as HTML

The full story

I recently decided to start setting more time aside to update our blog. I write our software specification documents in markdown, so I thought I’d continue that practice with blog articles.

When I write markdown locally, I typically use iA Writer or Sublime Text. I love iA Writer for writing because of its simplicity. Everything is saved automatically to my iCloud drive, it has super clean editor / preview windows etc. The problem I had was figuring out how to convert the markdown to html so WordPress could render it.

After a little bit of googling, I discovered ‘Copy HTML’ in iA Writer. All you have to do is select the markdown you’re interested in and hit command-shift-c. Alternatively, you can click edit -> Copy HTML. Voila, your markdown is transformed to html and copied to the clipboard, ready for pasting…8-)