Asset Tracking & Workorder System

Still in the early stages of development, our asset tracking and workorder system enables you to track and maintain all of your physical assets.

The asset system can be used as a standalone system to track just about any kind of asset. It’s different from other asset tracking software in that it is completely customizable. You choose (with our help) exactly what data you want to track. You’re not limited to generic fields like an asset ID, color or size.

Asset Instead, we work with you to group your assets into types that contain the specific fields you want to track. We then build entry forms for each of the types we identify. You can easily add your own entry forms later through the web interface, and you can also add new data to existing assets at any time. We’ll show you how to do those things during development.

Workorder The workorder system allows administrators to issue work orders to staff via email. Work orders can cover just about any type of work but they are typically used for repair or maintentance requests like fixing a leaky roof or upgrading a computer. Since workorders are sent via email, staff members can access the workorder just about anywhere using a smart phone or other device. They can also log into the system for more information or to track their time.

Workorders can be escalated by administrators. Escalating a work order triggers automatic notification via email or text message to the people you designate.

While the asset system and the workorder system can be used separately, they really shine when used together. Work orders can be linked to assets so you can track the work performed against the asset and make informed choices about what to do with the asset based on its work history.

  • Completely customizable asset tracking. Choose the fields you want. Attach images and documents.
  • We build entry forms for you during development.
  • You can create your own entry forms or store new data with your asset at any point in the future.
  • Escalating a workorder triggers automatic notifications via email or text message.

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