Founded in 2003, Scripted Motion, LLC is a small software development company located in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. We have decades of experience providing web based solutions across many industries and would love to assist with your next project!

Troy Martin

Scripted Motion is headed by Troy Martin. Troy started out designing websites but quickly moved into development. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Portland State University. As a full stack developer he has always built for the “front end”, but he currently spends most of his time working with the Elastic stack and various back end services. Examples of his current work include DevOps with Kubernetes and going “serverless” for our REST services. Troy holds certifications in Javascript and PHP. In all Troy has more than 15-years experience in web development.

Thad Eakins

Thad Eakins has been fascinated by technology since his early childhood when his parents purchased a TRS-80 computer system in the 80’s (“Wow!”). Driven to find out how this cutting edge technology worked, Thad quickly learned how to re-build a computer after accidentally deleting everything on the system. Soon after, he progressed to building his first IBM Compatible 8088 computer.

The arrival of his first PC was a revolution and allowed him to move into Basic programming, DOS, NOVEL Networking, early web design and standards, and running a BBS before the Internet as we know it took off.

Running his own company since 1998 and working as a systems administrator in various schools and businesses has given Thad a thorough “geeky” background.